What Your Socks Say About You

What Your Socks Say About You

Remo TullianiOct 24, '18

Walk into any meeting room and ask people what colour socks they are wearing, and you may be surprised by the number who don’t actually know. They’re the fashion accessory we tend to pull on without much thought. After all, most of the time they’re hidden away under your trousers.

According to some fashion gurus, however, paying more attention to your sock style choice can make a big difference to what people thing about you. If your sock drawer is full of dull, non-lethal browns or blacks, it might be time to make a change.

Black Socks

Dependable, reliable, boring. These are all the personality traits normally associated with plain, dark socks. They say you don’t want to rock the boat or cause a scene. Yes, black socks are suitable for certain formal occasions, if you’re going to a big tuxedo event or a funeral, for example. When you don’t want to risk sending the wrong impression they’re also the proper attire for interviews.

For all other occasions, however, don’t be afraid of a little more daring do.

Bright, Bold, Beautiful Socks

We’re not talking patterns here so, theoretically at least, they aren’t much different from your traditional black sock. You’re adding a splash of colour to your everyday suit that put a little welcome surprise into your ensemble. This says you’re not afraid to stand out and that you have a certain sartorial elegance while still conforming to norms. But you still know what the rules are.

Striped Socks

Adding some pattern to your sock drawer isn’t as dangerous as you may think. This can make you appear playful as well as secure in your own persona. The same goes for spots or any other regular patterns. This style choice suggests that you are comfortable with fashion choices and reinforces a quiet confidence. You’re fun but ready to hunker down when needed.

Designer Socks

There are plenty of choices here but they can certainly backfire in the wrong circumstances. Stylish socks never look wrong when people catch a glimpse of your ankle on your commute or as you sit down at a meeting.

You’re telling people that you are fun, stylish and you don’t mind who knows it. It can also make you appear a little edgy – a good thing if you’re in competition in the workplace or the golf course! Designer socks give you an edge without saying too much, for a beautiful collection of stylish designer socks see the latest collection at Tulliani.com

Socks to avoid

We’ve all seen them at Christmas. Those fundamentally shocking socks that seem to have been designed for a one off joke. Crazy patterns and colours, that don’t seem to mix too well, all jar on the visual senses and probably aren’t the best choice for a business meeting or even a first date.

Your Socks & You

The truth is that changing your socks isn’t really going to change your personality, but it can enhance how you feel about yourself and how others see you. By adding a little colour in the workplace or in a casual situation can help create a good impression. If you’ve been sticking to plain black for all these years, today might be the time to change and choose something a little more eclectic to boost your wardrobe.