Top Reasons Italian Men Are So Stylish

Top Reasons Italian Men Are So Stylish

Remo TullianiOct 18, '18

There’s more to style than an expensive suit and a good haircut. It’s all about how you wear the clothes and what you accessorize with. There’s the attitude as well. That’s why Italian men tend to stand out from the crowd more than most.

  1. Italian Men Express

Guys from other countries, including non-Italian Americans, can often be a little reticent about showing their stylish side. It’s considered unmanly for some reason. The Italian attitude is completely the opposite to this. It’s part of their DNA.

  1. Italian Men are Confident

It’s one thing to be attracted to a suit and tie or a particular look, it’s another thing entirely to step outside in front of the world and carry it off. Italian men tend to be a lot more confident when it comes to their style choices. They know what looks good and they aren’t afraid to show it off.

  1. Learn to Love Clothes

You can’t be a style icon if you don’t actually love clothes in the first place. The Italians have always had an attachment to the items they wear. As far back as the Italian Renaissance in the 14th Century, fashion has been about expressing personal appearance, confidence and, yes, status and money.

  1. Italians Get Into Fashion Young

It’s not seen as the slightly taboo subject for young men it appears in other demographics. Older guys love their fashion so younger peers fall into it easily. They’re just as likely to admire a fashion model as they are a film star. Some famous icons include Emilio Pucci, who knew how to wear a suit, and modern stars like Paolo Maldini often lead the way.

  1. The Influence of Film

Italian Americans in particular are influenced by the modern styles of Hollywood. It’s always been a cultural beacon for fashion conscious individuals to latch onto.

It’s not just about clothes, however. La Dolce Vita has long been about enjoying life and this is probably key for many Italian men. Clothes are not seen in isolation but part of a way of life, a rich culture and a way of presenting themselves to the world.

  1. Italian Men Are Brave

You might wonder what’s brave about putting on a suit but it’s a lot more than that. Italian men don’t shy away from changes in the style culture. In other words, whatever their age, they are willing to progress as the trends change. They’re not afraid of showing color or flair in other ways.

Of course, Italy is a place steeped in history, plenty of rich culture and has always carried a slight irreverence when it comes to conforming with the rest of the world. Walk around any Italian city and you’ll find shops and stores that verge on the eclectic rather than the standard mall provision that you find in most American towns.

It’s the idea of the whole rather than the individual parts. A pair of shoes won’t be worn in isolation. A tie matches a jacket perfectly. The cut of a pair of trousers matters. Accessorized by the stylish Remo Tulliani products!

Finally, there’s one other thing that sets Italian men apart when it comes to style. They can dress fashionably at practically any age. Whether it’s very young or getting into their twilight years, an Italian man can step out onto the street looking a million dollars with practically little or no effort at all.