How Stylish Belts Can Make or Break an Outfit

How Stylish Belts Can Make or Break an Outfit

Remo TullianiSep 8, '18

Men’s fashion has certainly improved and grown over the last 30 years but one traditional accessory has remained vitally important if you want to look both stylish and modern.

The humble belt isn’t just there to be functional, it’s also there to make a statement. In fact, your choice of belt can actually mean the difference between being a style icon and a fashion failure.

Here is a quick guide to how to raise your belt style!

Looking sharp at work

When you’re heading for that big business meeting or an important interview, you’ll be wearing your best suit. Your belt can certainly have a big influence on your look here. Ideally you want something formal that is going to blend in rather than stand out. That means a small, unobtrusive buckle and a leather strap. Designer Italian style belts are perfect for this sort of occasion. 

Our Tip: Guys can often make a mistake with their belt in these circumstances. The general rule is that your belt colour should match your shoes – not the suit. 

Less formal office wear

You may not be so formal in the office environment, of course, and a lot will depend on your company dress code. You might not be wearing your top door suit and opt for smart shirt and trousers instead. The good news is that you get a little more leeway when it comes to choosing your belt.

You may prefer the traditional approach of a designer leather belt or one that matches your shoe colour but there’s also the potential for something a little more defined like a woven belt.

Our Tip: Don’t be afraid to go away from the traditional black – a nice tan or brown leather belt can add a certain amount of style and panache if you want to impress in the office.

Relaxed Style & Belt Choices

Outside of work and when you are out and about your choice of belt can be much more relaxed or extravagant depending on your personal style. The great thing about a Remo Tulliani designer belt is that they are so well designed, and well made in quality materials that they can elevate a even normal outfit to something special. A little style goes a long way and a belt is a great way to add that little bit of luxury to your outfit.

Our Tip: Particularly if you are wearing a belt with your jeans, it pays to try something that makes a statement. Perhaps a different colour or texture to the rest of the outfit or what you normally wear, this can add a little extra men’s designer style to any outfit.

There are, of course, a whole host of different belt styles out there and you should ideally have a selection that enables you to mix and match with any outfit. When in doubt, a stylish leather belt (like the ones sold by Remo Tulliani) will get you through most circumstances, providing you with grace and good style in equal measures.