Our Commitment to the Environment

Our personal relationships with material manufacturers throughout the world, the balance, the design, and the feel and fit of the product are all important. That’s why we work with leading factories and suppliers around the world to source only the finest and most environmentally responsible materials.
We care about the environment and believe we can all make a difference. That’s why we are forming quality products that will last you a lifetime, out of materials that reduce our environmental impact.
The reason we make Belts, Sunglasses and Socks is that we know how to make them better!
Exceptional Quality. Unparalleled Performance. Sustainable Products.


The Material: Environmental Perspective
Our socks are made with exclusive Tulliani Yarn.  The environmental champion of all synthetic fibers.
Our Tulliani Yarn is a highly engineered new yarn technology that begins with the reclamation of material that would have otherwise been waste. Tulliani Yarn requires less energy to be manufactured and produces a minimal amount of by-products, minimizing the environmental impact. The performance properties of Tulliani Yarn are inherent to the yarn itself, it requires no finishes or chemicals and is 100% recyclable. The processes used to manufacture other yarns, such as polyester and nylon, are much more complex and can involve potentially harmful chemicals that harm the environment.



The Process: Environmental Perspective
Our leather belts are made from the finest Italian leather and carry the oils of purpose and functionality. We are proud to say our leathers are sourced direct from the tanneries in Italy & USA, who have earned their Environmental Management System Certification. We only work with manufactures who align with our environmental goals to ensure that we remain ecologically responsible.
What happens to the leather that won’t be used for belts? Remaining materials from our belts are put into producing our Wallets, to further reduce waste!


The Materials: Environmental Perspective
Remo discovered the team in Italy who produces the finest lenses in the world. These sunglasses feel different. They are designed to last. They feel sturdy and look amazing. They are handcrafted in Italy with quality monel frames, complimenting Grilamid arms and shatter resistant glass lenses.  Monel is a high strength metal that is completely corrosion resistant and will ensure your sunglasses last.
The attention to detail doesn’t stop there, each of these materials were sourced with the intent to reduce our environmental impact.
Our Glasses our made of various materials found in nature, The main ones include:
  • Silica: SiO2 in the form of sand • Alkaline carbonate: Na2 CO3, K2 CO3 • Limestone: Ca CO3
Other components that are needed to improve melts and grant special characteristics to glass such as coloring (Ossidi di Cu, Fe, Co, Se, Au, Al, Ti, Ag, etc.) and important Rare Earths (Ne, Pr, Er. Ce).
All elements that are perfectly compatible with the environment therefore easily recuperated or disposed of.
Grilamid is made from bio-based renewable raw materials and can be reprocessed or recycled. These sunglasses are so strong and stylish they’ll last you a lifetime with proper care.
The lenses on our sunglasses are glass instead of plastic. Glass lenses are 100% recyclable, long lasting and made from natural materials and have a smaller impact on the environment when compared to other plastic lenses.  Only four ingredients go into our lenses.  Sand, Water, Oxygen & Fire.  Our lenses are naturally UV and IR safeguarding you from the suns rays.
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