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How Sourcing Sustainable Materials Reduces Our Environmental Impact

Jacey BrilonMay 8, '20

Our Commitment to Protecting the Environment At Remo Tulliani, we strive to protect the environment while making accessories that stand up to any challenge in terms of style and craft. We want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a pair of our sustainable socks. Our personal...

Performance and Style – The Secret to Tulliani Socks

Remo TullianiDec 12, '18

Socks are thought of as a necessity, however there are many types of sock and for men who need both style and substance it has to be Tulliani. Remo Tulliani is a designer who puts performance at the heart of his great designs. Socks must perform well, feel great and...

What Your Socks Say About You

Remo TullianiOct 24, '18

Walk into any meeting room and ask people what colour socks they are wearing, and you may be surprised by the number who don’t actually know. They’re the fashion accessory we tend to pull on without much thought. After all, most of the time they’re hidden away under your trousers....

Top Reasons Italian Men Are So Stylish

Remo TullianiOct 18, '18

There’s more to style than an expensive suit and a good haircut. It’s all about how you wear the clothes and what you accessorize with. There’s the attitude as well. That’s why Italian men tend to stand out from the crowd more than most.