Casual Accessories: 5 tips to accessorizing a casual look

Casual Accessories: 5 tips to accessorizing a casual look

Remo TullianiMay 3, '21

Casual clothes might be more comfortable, but it can be hard to look stylish and put together when throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Everyone looks their best in a suit and tie, but how do you look your best at the next back yard BBQ or baseball game? 

It’s all in the accessories.

A t-shirt and jeans looks basic, but throw on a beautiful belt or an eye-catching watch and you immediately look more elegant and put together. Casual can be interpreted differently depending on the situation and it can be difficult to find the sweet spot between overdressed and underdressed. So, we’ve put together 5 tips to accessorize a casual look.


Of course we have belts at number one… Because it’s true!

That’s why we make a variety of styles and colors! A belt is the first thing people notice when they see elevated style. A bold buckle draws the eye in and a stunning color will brighten your look. Or channel your inner mountain man with a weathered belt and tough boots.

Our Zoe will keep your golf game looking sharp. Or shop our Dino belts for your weekend at the cabin.


You already know you have to match your belt with your shoes, no matter the style, but that doesn’t mean you should only have one pair of shoes and one belt. Shoe styles are expanding every day, including tennis shoes!

Check out The Royale by Greats. It’s made from full-grain leather sourced from top-rated Italian tanneries. We love Italian tanneries! It will go perfectly with our Sedona.

Or break away from traditions and shop our Reese.


It’s summertime and we know you can’t wait to get out on the golf course or drive up to the lake with your family. We also know that one pair of sunglasses you have is for function and not style. Our lenses are naturally UV and IR resistant making them functional and stylish. So you can replace those old shades with something new and fresh!

Sunglasses immediately turn up the style on any outfit, but you have to find the right fit for your face shape, and making sure your accessories fit is what Remo Tulliani is all about!

You can stay active in our Wrath sunglasses or shop our Smooth aviator frames for a more elegant look that will keep your eyes protected.


We may have clocks on our phones, and phones in our watches, but everyone will notice a classic style watch. It can be the statement piece to any outfit. Not to mention once you elevate your accessories with Remo Tulliani’s belts and sunglasses your watch will have to keep up.

Check out the Detroit Watch Company’s leather strap watches. They’ll look great with our Romeo, Corraggio, and Gunner belts!


We love products that last, especially for a casual look and we hate shopping, especially for something as basic as a t-shirt. So for a casual style we always shop for quality pieces over cheap mass produced accessories. We know years from now our Romeo belt will look as beautiful as the day you bought it, and the same should go for all your clothes.

For style that last, shop our Remo Tulliani Men’s Collection.