Rolled brown black and grey leather tied with leather strap.

Why Italian Leather is considered the highest quality

Remo TullianiApr 12, '21

Over the years, Remo Tulliani has developed an architectural approach to creating accessories. Every detail matters. The personal relationships with material manufacturers, the balance, the feel and fit of the product all mean something. This lets us create accessories that stand up to any challenge in terms of style and craft.

We choose to source from our leather manufacturers in Italy for these reasons. We want our products to be the best, and that includes the best ingredients. But what is it about these tanneries that makes them so much better than others?

It started generations ago. Many tanneries in Italy are still using the same techniques used hundreds of yeas ago. These techniques result in longer lasting leather that stays soft and smells AMAZING. 

There are a wide range of leather types including vegetable tanned, full grain, patent, and chrome. Vegetable Tanned Leather has been dyed without chemicals with natural items such as tree bark and vegetable tannin. These techniques make the leather more resistant, elastic and smooth. Vegetables tanning was invented by the Tuscan tanneries. Only manufacturers that use these techniques can qualify as “Italian Leather”.

In fact, the entire process has to be certified, starting from the breeding of the cows to the tanning of their hides. This guarantees that Italian Leathers are the by-product of the food industry and are sustainable and earth friendly.

That’s why we source all our leather from Italy! We want to be sustainable while developing long lasting and timeless designs.

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