Courting Kings by Remo Tulliani

Watch Donald and Lisa Pliner talks about Courting Kings by Remo Tulliani

web dotcomeJun 22, '21

Courting Kings by Remo Tulliani is a personal recount of an artist and businessman in the intricate business world, translating the American dream into the words of a once hopeful designer. Here, we look closely at different industries and what it demands to turn efforts into successes.

Last week Remo had the opportunity to sit down with his friends Donald and Lisa Pliner for an interview on Lisa's podcast Over 40 and Loving Every Minute of It. Remo first met the Pliners in his twenties, when he was starting. It all began when Remo walked into Donald's showroom & said, "give me a chance." From there, Donald & Remo became friends, and Remo Donald became his mentor.

Today, Donald Pliner is recognized internationally as a premier designer of luxury shoes and accessories. He is featured in Remo's book Courting Kings, which looks into his life, business, and vision as a designer. Lisa, a booming shoe designer, artist, philanthropist, and author, welcomes Remo to her show to discuss their friendship, design, and Courting Kings.

Watch the interview below and buy your copy of Courting Kings today!