About Us

about us

Accessories architecture: build your style

When I was first started out, I just wanted to make enough money to design the next collection. But I also wanted to test myself – to take something familiar and make it new and better. I’ve been around the world many times. I’ve dressed sports royalty and celebrity superstars. And I still feel the same fire.

I developed an architectural approach to creating men’s accessories. Every detail matters. From personal relationships with material makers around the world, to the balance, design, feel and fit of the product, to which stores carry us and why. We think it all through. This lets us build accessories that stand up to any challenge in terms of style and craft.

The reason we make belts, sunglasses and socks is that we know how to make them better. Better means materials that are superior for their feel and performance. Better means designed for style, not just to be trendy -- big difference. Better means priced lower than the pricey luxury brands, while beating them on quality.