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Fashion and functionality can exist at the same time; Remo Tulliani proves this through our women’s belt collection. Our selection of leather belts adds an edge to your outfit and provides utility when you need it. We have several designs our clients can choose from, with details crafted carefully to make sure they never go out of style.

Our American-made belts are created through ethical means as we make it a point to help protect the environment, putting sustainability on par with durability and performance. We want to be part of significant movements for the environment without compromising the quality of the items we put out.

As an experienced belt designer, Remo has created highly detailed leather belts that are both unique and timeless. Adding fit and feel to the equation results in stylish and durable belts that can survive changing trends.

Sustainable Belts for Women

Utilizing sustainable materials may encourage a belief that the quality of the product is subpar, but this is simply not true. Remo has traveled around the world to ensure he channels vast experiences and skills from artisans around the world to his processes while using environmental quality materials.

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