4 Tips for More Comfortable Boots

4 Tips for More Comfortable Boots

Remo TullianiJul 22, '21

We’re still enjoying these summer nights here in Arizona, and that means putting on our favorite Hank Williams album, heading out to our favorite country bar, and showing off our new leather boots. We love all things leather, but we prioritize comfort over everything. So we’ve picked up on a few tricks that will help make your leather boots more comfortable so you can two-step the night away.

1. Make sure your boot is flexible. We know how tough leather can be, and if it is not treated properly it can be hard and inflexible. It’s important that the area of your arch can bend and move along with your foot, or else you will feel discomfort at both ends of your feet. Genuine leather should be soft and malleable, easy to move in, and most of all, comfortable.

2. Make sure your boot is the correct size. A tight fit will crush your toes. A loose shoe will cause your foot to slide creating friction between your skin and the materials around it. “Breaking in” boots is important but you can’t alter the size of your shoe.

3. Choose the right fabric for your socks. Cotton socks move easily across the skin and can wear down after only a few uses. Using yarn will keep your feet more comfortable and are naturally cushioned. Harsh chemicals in cotton can also hurt those with sensitive skin. Check out how our yarn is made here and how it protects your feet and the environment.

4. Finally choose the right sock. Yes, we’re talking about socks twice, but we know our socks! Our Ultimate Men’s Sock and the Women's Ultimate Boot Socks are made to stretch while retaining their shape, so they won’t fall off after a year of wear. That means no abrasions and nonbinding support for your arch.

Protect your feet this summer with a pair of our Men’s Coyote or our Women’s Spirit today.