Performance and Style – The Secret to Tulliani Socks

Performance and Style – The Secret to Tulliani Socks

Remo TullianiDec 12, '18

Socks are thought of as a necessity, however there are many types of sock and for men who need both style and substance it has to be Tulliani.

Remo Tulliani is a designer who puts performance at the heart of his great designs. Socks must perform well, feel great and give the men who wear them confidence in both day to day wear and at more formal or special occasions. Performance is everything and Tulliani has managed to combine his excellent sense of style with the qualities every man needs in a great pair of designer socks.

Designer Socks

There are many considerations that a great men’s accessories designer like Remo Tulliani needs to take into consideration when he is designing the best of men’s socks. From how they look, to how they feel and all the hidden performance attributes that need to be included.

One of the most unique and luxurious ways Tulliani socks are special is that these socks are made from RTech yarn, developed exclusively by Remo Tulliani. This yarn wicks sweat away from your skin, making the socks breathable. Available in a fantastic range of colors and styles they are also colorfast, to keep the dye from running or washing out. This makes them last for a long time and still look as vibrant after each wash. The memory thread fibers do not break, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting use, again this adds to their longevity making them a firm favourite in men’s wardrobes across the USA and the world.

Here is an overview of some of the features that make Tulliani designed socks so very special:

  • Crafted with an exclusive Tulliani yarn that is odor resistant, reduces bacteria and abrasion resistant to last longer.
  • Fun color and weave styles and great features as listed below will have you coming back for more.
  • Comfort Top stays up and is non-binding
  • Arch Support for added comfort and keeps socks in place
  • Flat Toe Seam for comfort in that sensitive area
  • Ventilated Side panels and toe box for breath ability and moisture management
  • Cushioned Footbed for all day comfort
  • High heel pad for added achilles protection

Luxury Men’s Socks

Described as crafting accessories with architecture in mind Tulliani has managed to create the ultimate performance dress sock. Not only that, the style and flair included in his designs ensures than not only are men wearing socks that support them but also socks that make them look and so feel great.

Truly Comfortable Tulliani socks will make you feel connected to the world you walk in, these socks are sumptuous and almost sensual in the way they hold, support and surround your feet. Made in America these designer socks are hardwearing and exude style making them the perfect accessory for every outfit.