brown remo tulliani jackson belt coiled next to leather butter container with two belts

How to make your leather last forever.

Remo TullianiMar 9, '21

Genuine leather is comfortable, sustainable, and timeless. A perfectly designed leather belt has the ability to last for decades. That's exactly what we want. We know how important your favorite clothes and accessories are to you, because they're important to us! So, we want to share our tips on how to take care of your leather so you can wear your favorite pieces forever!

Keep your belt clean.

Leather has a smooth finish and dirt and grime can usually be removed with a dry cloth. If the dirt persists it's best to use a damp cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemicals when cleaning. Leather is one of the toughest materials used in fashion, however it is important to remember that it is actually skin. Harsh chemicals can strip your leather of its natural oils and color. For example, belts like our Crave or Sedona will be stripped of their embossed layers of color if washed with any type of soap chemical. 

Keep your belt out of the sun.

Again, leather is skin. The sunlight will dry out the leather and create cracks and imperfections. All Remo Tulliani belts are sent in a felt bag to protect them from the sun, water, and any sharp object that might scratch them. 

If your belt is scratched, it can be fixed!

Don’t hide your belt away in fear of it getting damaged. Leather butter can be used to soften any genuine leather and return it to its natural texture. Again, like skin a deep scratch will leave a lasting mark, however the daily bumps and bruises can be healed with a little moisture.

Genuine leather pieces have the ability to be passed down through generations with proper care and design. Our belts here at Remo Tulliani are made with the best ingredients to create a beautiful product that will last. Shop our Men’s Collection for stylish dress belts or our Women’s Collection for a timeless casual belt.