Why Socks Make the Man

Why Socks Make the Man

Remo TullianiJul 11, '18

Do you take your socks for granted? Do you slip them on without much thought? Do you worry that the socks you wear might be sending the wrong message?

The truth is that socks are a style accessory like any other and paying a little more attention to your choices can make a big difference to your ongoing aspirations for sartorial elegance. You’ll be surprised how often your socks are on view and how they can influence the way people see you.

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While slipping on a pair of rather non-descript socks might seem the perfect solution for any occasion, your choice of design and brand can actually say a lot about you as person.

5 Rules for Wearing Socks

You may not think there are rules for styling when it comes to socks, but you’d be wrong. Let’s face it, the last thing you want is for your socks to be at odds with your nice new suit or your casual wear. It simply creates the wrong impression. Here are 5 tips for getting it right:

  • Match to your trousers: Most style experts say you should match the colour of your socks to your trousers, not your shoes or even your shirt or tie. Having said that, black is often seen as a no-no and many say you should avoid the colour at all costs. And matching doesn’t mean you have to match on colour – the socks and the trousers just need to connect in some divisible way that makes fashion sense.
  • Make sure they’re long enough: While cropped socks might be suitable when you are out for a run, for all other occasions you should be wearing socks that cover your ankles, so you don’t show even a hint of flesh when you sit down.
  • Wear socks that match the occasion: If you’re out for a night on the red carpet, wear dress socks, not athletic socks, even if they match the colour of your tuxedo. If you’re visiting an art show, something a little funky may be the order to the day with your smart casual wear.
  • Socks and sandals: There is some suggestion that wearing socks with sandals is a fashion faux pas. While this used to be the case, opinions have changed somewhat over the last few years. If you are in any doubt, of course, avoid sandals altogether, but wearing a nice pair of socks isn’t going to kill your stylish reputation.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Sock fashion has raised the bar considerably over the last few years and there is a lot out there to choose from. While gaudy colours and Christmassy designs may still be laughable, indulging your personality and making a statement shouldn’t be avoided, even in some more formal circumstances. Dare to be different but always make sure you match.

Designer Socks – Fashion Statements

It can be easy to see socks as purely functionary. The truth is that the design factor in this area of dressing in recent years has really taken off.

Men are more and more paying attention to the way they look and the way they dress and designer accessories by key menswear designers like Remo Tulliani are ensuring that discerning men have the designer products to make them look and feel amazing. Designer socks can be a real statement about how you choose your foot attire for a night out or an important business meeting.

If you haven’t looked at designer socks for your special event or evening out, then perhaps now is a good time to explore what’s on offer. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Menswear – Personal Style

The next time you open your sock drawer, you might like to review whether you’re making all the best choices when it comes to your personal style. If all you find is a sea of greys, blacks and dark blues, it’s probably high time to add a little more vibrancy and risk to your designer sock selection.