Sustainable Sunglasses

Remo discovered the team that makes the best lenses in the world. These sunglasses feel different. They are designed to last. They feel sturdy and look amazing. They are handcrafted in Italy with sturdy monel frames, complimenting Grilamid arms and shatter resistant glass lenses. The attention to detail doesn’t stop there, each of these materials was sourced with the intent to reduce our environmental impact.

The Materials: Environmental Perspective

To make sure our sunglasses last you a lifetime our frames are made from Monel metal. Monel is a high strength metal that is completely corrosion resistant and will ensure your sunglasses last.

The frames and arms of our sunglasses are made from Grilamid to give them superior strength and a long life. We use Grilamid instead of other plastics because it is a high strength plastic and has a proven contribution toward reducing environmental impact. Grilamid is made from bio-based renewable raw materials and can be reprocessed or recycled. These sunglasses are so strong and stylish they’ll last you a lifetime with proper care.

The lenses on our sunglasses are glass instead of plastic. Glass lenses are 100% recyclable, long lasting and made from natural materials and have a smaller impact on the environment when compared to plastic lenses.

These sunglasses are the best of both worlds. High quality materials that contribute to reducing our environmental impact. Unparalleled performance and style that will last you a lifetime.


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