Sustainable Socks

If you haven’t tried our sustainable performance dress socks yet, you’re missing out. Each pair is thoughtfully and uniquely designed by Remo Tulliani. Crafted from our Tulliani Yarn, a sustainable earth friendly material, these socks are the peak of performance technology. They are soft, breathable, anti-bacterial, odor resistant and made to last. Treat your feet and the environment.

The Material: Environmental Perspective

Our socks are made with Tulliani Yarn, the environmental champion of all the synthetic fibers.

Tulliani Yarn is a highly engineered new yarn technology that begins with the reclamation of material that would have otherwise been waste. Tulliani Yarn requires less energy to be manufactured and produces a minimal amount of by-products, minimizing the environmental impact. The performance properties of Tulliani Yarn are inherent to the yarn itself, it requires no finishes or chemicals and is 100% recyclable. The processes used to manufacture other yarns, such as polyester and nylon, are much more complex and can involve potentially harmful chemicals that harm the environment.

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